Can you give Valium for dogs?

valium for dogs

Similar to human even dogs get little nervousness sometimes. If the condition is examined as anxiety disorder then it is a must that a medication should be taken by them. There is a high chance that your dog would be prescribed with Valium. The active ingredient Diazepam present in the tablet is a benzodiazepine which is rapidly absorbed by the body. It affects the natural chemicals that are present in the central nervous system. It helps you to reduce the anxiety levels and it is known to start its working within 30 minutes of time.

The Valium drug can be administered in different ways like injection, intramuscular, through the mouth, nasal or rectal. Depending upon the route of drug intake you choose the absorption rate would change. The half-life of the medication is up to 3 hours of time. Abruptly stop giving the medication to your dog is not recommended. This would cause withdrawal symptoms in your body. So you have to first taper Valium medication in your pet. You have to lower the drug dose slowly prior completely halting the course of therapy.

Does your dog really need Valium medication?

It is always better to treat your pet using any natural treatment methods. Only after this, you are supposed to choose some other treatment options. One of the common treatment options that are chosen for dogs is Anxietrex. This is a natural remedy and when you consume it your dog’s anxiety level is severely decreased. This is done without any risks and the occurrence of side effects would be lessened to a greater extent. Apart from this, you can also try a massage therapy. You should also identify the underlying reason for your dog’s anxiety disorder.

Even after trying so many methods if you fail then you can talk to your veterinarian about other medications or other options. Firstly they would offer only Benadryl or Zylkene as these are the first options and also the softer substances. Only when the condition is severe the vet would prescribe Diazepam for your dog. You can indulge your dog in a good training program instead of completely relying on the drug. You can opt for any dog trainer program. These programs are not only effective but also very popular. You can choose for any online courses as you can help your dog from your home itself.

The dosage of Valium for dogs

Giving a drug to the dog are different from a human consuming the drug. It is important to speak with the doctor prior to providing Valium to your dog. The Valium medication helps dogs with various conditions. In order to treat separation anxiety, the drug dose would be between 0.12mg/lb and 1mg/lb. This drug dose should be taken orally one time in a day. The drug dose should be slowly injected to the dog if it is prescribed to be taken intravenously. The drug dose would vary from a dog to dog. This is the reason why you are not supposed to copy the drug dose of your friend’s dog. You can also ask for any alternate options from your vet.

Why does the drug dose for a dog is high compared to humans?

The dosage strength that humans consume would be very much lower compared to the dogs. The metabolism rate of the dogs is very much high hence there is a need to consume a higher amount of the medication in order to get the needed symptom relief from your dog. You have to know that for separation anxiety that a 20lb dog suffers from it is supposed to consume Diazepam 5mg orally.

How safe is it to consume Valium dose?

Valium is generally a safe medication. However, like we have mentioned earlier you are supposed to choose the natural method for your condition first and only decide to take Valium. The pet owners should be familiar with the side effects, precautions and drug interactions that might happen when your dog consumes Diazepam medication. You have to discuss these with your vet prior to giving this medication to your dog.

Pregnant/Nursing dogs:

The chance is high for the medication to pass on to the fetus of the dog. This drug is categorized under class C for using the drug during pregnancy. So it should be taken only after known the significant risks and benefits of the drug that offers during this period.

Guidelines to use the drug in dog safely

  • This is a prescription-only drug. Due to this you are not supposed to give the medication to your dog without consulting with the Vet. The pet owners who have this medication without a prescription might be prosecuted as it is considered illegal.

When you are consulting with your vet just clarify these factors:

  • Tell about the other medications that your dog is consuming and ask whether there is a chance of drug interaction with Valium.
  • Ask for any safe methods available in the market in order to relieve the symptoms of your dog.
  • Inform about the medical conditions that your dog is suffering and check whether any of these issues could cause trouble during the course of therapy.
  • Ensure whether there are no allergic reactions triggered when consuming Benzodiazepine.

Once your dog has used the medication for a longer span then it is a need to halt your dog from the drug. It would trigger withdrawal symptoms in the body and there is a chance of behavioral issues like aggression and agitation in them. You can consult with your vet and they can help you with this process. When there is a need for your dog to consume the medication for a longer span to treat Canine epilepsy then there is a chance for them to prescribe Phenobarbital instead of Valium.

What can Valium be used for?

This drug belongs to a benzodiazepine and it can be used for the dog to treat various medical conditions like

  • Low appetite
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Seizures
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Scotty cramp
  • White shaker syndrome

This medication can also be administered by them for general calming technique. However, the effectiveness is not guaranteed.

Common ill Effects of Valium for Dogs

The most common ill effects of Valium for dogs are drowsiness, sedation, lack of energy, diarrhea, change in appetite, changes in behavior, or abnormal heart rate. You have to check with the behavior of your dog closely and these ill effects are quite uncommon.

  • Reduction in Energy

When Valium medication is consumed by a dog there is a chance for it to find a reduction in energy. This is because the dog’s brain receives certain signals. This would have a huge impact on the behavior of your dog. They would be frequently taking nap, feel lazy and would not participate in any activities. Their character and their routine would be completely different from the past.

  • Loss of coordination

This is also a side effect that Valium medication causes in your dog. They would fall repeatedly, they would trip often or they would have a delayed response. You have to be very cautious because this might also indicate coma. In fact, it can also indicate a drug overdose. The slower reflex rate is often caused due to confusion. Not only this, even if your canine is taking multiple medications together this can be a side effect of it. You have to check with your vet quickly in case of this symptom in your dog.

  • Alterations in Behavior

You can often see a change in the behavior of your dog. This might be because of the usage of the Valium medication. The canine would behave violently, or excessively involved in licking. Often appetite change is witnessed. It would be increased to a greater extent. When your pet is showing these symptoms of extreme discomfort then you have to pay close attention to it. You should ensure that it is a side effect of Valium or not.

  • Reduced Heart Rate

This is a common ill effect of Valium in your dog. Check the breathing patterns of your dog. The medication is actually helpful in controlling breathing so that you can know that your dog’s breath is calmed. However, when the higher drug dose is given to your dog then there is a chance for a trouble to happen in their breathing. Immediate attention is required in this situation.

  • Vomiting and Diarrhea

When the drug is first introduced to the dog and when the chemical substances present in the tablet is new to it there are chances for these side effects to occur. Though this is a common effect you should still look on to this matter with caution. The drug is very addictive in nature. If your dog is taking the medication for a longer span then there is a chance for it to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. When your dog is in this stage you are supposed to keep a keen watch over it. Talk to your vet for suggestions with this phase.

Serious Side Effects of Valium for Dogs

The severe side effects might also be triggered in dogs when Valium is taken. It can be excessive bruising, damage in liver, anemia, and bleeding. These are the ill effects that are experienced in dogs due to overtime exposure to the drug. It might also be caused due to the intake of higher doses or any allergic reactions.

  • Allergic Reaction

The allergic reactions should be treated quickly or else it might cause fatal situations. This risk is involved and that is why you are supposed to discuss with the Vet prior to giving Valium to your dog. Get an approval so that your pet is safe during the course of therapy.

Other drugs

Valium can interact with other medications in the market. Talk to your vet about it. he or she would be aware on what drugs should not be taken together. Do a small research before satisfying the medical needs of your dog. You have to be extremely cautious so that your pet would be secure.

Is Valium Safe for Dogs?

Valium is definitely safe for dogs provided if it is prescribed by your Vet. In fact, this is true only when you give the drug properly to your pet. The medication is usually used to treat pain or seizure in the hospital. The medication is rather preferred intravenously or rectally rather than orally. However, this depends on the state that your dog is in. Valium is an effective medication provided it is taken by your pet for a shorter span of time. But when there is a need it can be taken for a longer span. Some dogs might be newly diagnosed with epilepsy. In this situation, you can give the Valium medication only for a shorter span of time.

When this span is over your dog would automatically wean the drug from its body. However, if your vet asks you to give Valium at home then it is sure that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. In case there is a need for your dog to consume the medication daily then your Vet would ask you so many questions regarding your pet. This helps them to choose the best option. The prescription for this medication is given only in a rare situation and where there is a necessity to consume it.

When Is Valium Unsafe for Dogs?

The answer to the question should be known to the pet owners. The Valium medication would not be safe to your pet when the drug dose is wrong. It is very easy to overdose Valium medication. The drug dose that should be given to your dog would be clearly mentioned in the prescription. It is a must to stick to the drug dose that is mentioned in the script or else you would cause severe issues to your dog. Never give any drug dose on your own. Always remember that the drug dose is very essential and the withdrawal of the medication might be dangerous.

Valium medication would make some change in the central nervous system. This is essential to regulate the respiration, heart rate, breathing or similar such factors in a dog. When the drug overdoses it causes a decrease in heart rate, difficulty in breathing and much more. When the overdose is severe there is a chance for your dog to be in a coma. In fact, there is no guarantee to recover from the condition again.

Only one pet owner should take care of the duty to provide the drug to the dog. In case there is also another person who used to give the drug to the dog then you should always double check with them prior to giving the dose. Even a minute extra dose can cause an overdose in your pet. If you find that your pet has mistakenly overdosed then you have to get help from your vet immediately and take needed measures.

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