What is the Effect of Diazepam on Anxiety-Related Cognition?

Effect of Diazepam

Diazepam is popular anti-anxiety medication and many people worldwide are prescribed to take it. The therapeutic effects of this benzodiazepine are said to be powerful enough to effectively control the symptoms of panic disorders. For a long time, medical researchers did not know the exact working mechanism of benzodiazepines like Diazepam and how exactly the symptoms were subdued. In this regard, a study was undertaken to assess the effects of the pill on anxiety-related condition.

An anxiety-related condition can be said to be a symptom wherein the person processes threats differently. This is termed as cognitive bias as the inferences made by the person are different from reality. Patients who have some form of panic disorders usually have different perceptions of things around them, which act as triggers. By subduing the cognitive bias, it is possible for the person to lessen the severity agitation. The study on Diazepam for anxiety was conducted to see if the drug has any influence on the anxiety-related condition in an individual undertaking treatment with other medication.

Details of the study on Diazepam for anxiety-related cognition

The common perception is that benzodiazepines like Diazepam work by influencing the mood. This is because the medications work right away in helping to overcome the symptoms, whereas antidepressants take at least a few weeks to improve the condition of the person. The medical research team undertook to examine if it had any direct effect in reducing agitation-related cognitive bias. The study was conducted by presenting a modified Stroop color-naming task to the participants. The results were used to understand and measure the bias related to the processing of material that is considered to be threatening.

The study results showed that the subdued unease symptoms were not accompanied by any changes or reduction in cognitive bias when it came to processing threatening material. Hence, Diazepam medication does not actually improve anxiety-related cognitive bias in those who are clinically anxious. However, the drug does indeed work to improve the mood levels as many anxiety conditions have been successfully treated with the drug. Since there was no evidence of improvement in cognitive bias with the pill, this does not mean that this drug does not work as expected.

What should I know about taking Diazepam for anxiety?

An important thing to note while taking the medicine is the dosage. The Diazepam for anxiety dosage should be maintained as per the prescription for best results. As the drug is available in different dosage following the medical script is mandatory, to make this process simple consulting a doctor will help you to get correct Diazepam dosage for anxiety. Medications alone cannot help you to withstand depression. There are a number of relaxation therapies used to help control the symptoms non-medically like yoga, meditation and many more. So, some patients undergo cognitive behavior therapy to modify their stressors. All these, combined with Diazepam, are what work for treating the panic disorders in the right manner according to the individual needs of the patient.