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Valium is so far the world’s best-selling drug. Though the drug is a prescribed one, there are few online pharmacies that sell this medication without a valid license. People still buy Valium without the prescription from the doctor, knowing well all the ill effects and the addictive nature of the drug.  Caution should be maintained while using the drug, as it belongs to the benzodiazepine type. When you buy Valium online with no prescriptions, more often than not you are purchasing from a site which isn’t as reputable as the rest.

Valium is a strong and potent drug, so it is important that you consult with your physician or doctor before you purchase. It is used in the treatment of many symptoms other than anxiety disorders. So, it is important that you know the other effects of the drug on your body. For instance, Since this drug is a mild sedative, and therefore you cannot drive or work with heavy machinery.

Indications for the drug usage

Generally, take this medicine along with the proper diet. You could take this pill with or without the food. But it is highly recommended to take with water. Taking with alcohol or some other drinks would reduce the effectiveness of the Valium pill. Avoid taking this pill in any other form of crushing or chewing it. The better way is to consume it orally in the given form. It is a short-term medication, using it for long period would make you become drug dependent. Most doctors would prescribe it only for 4 months. If you want to continue this drug, have a word with your doctor before extending the prescribed duration. It is better to have continuous medical test while taking Valium to make sure that your blood pressure is not getting increased.

If you think this pill is not working for you or you are having any other side effects, consult your doc to stop this med. Without the doctor’s advice, it is not safe to stop this medicine suddenly. It would give you severe withdrawal symptoms. If you forgot to take this pill as scheduled, look for the duration of the next dosage time. Take the missed dose if it was only 1 hour past the scheduled time. Otherwise, it is advised to skip the missed dose. Taking the missed dose along with the next dose would make you overdose. An overdose of Valium might lead to severe unpleasant effects, also increasing its intensity to coma or causing death.

The dosage of Valium and how to take the pills

There are varying dosage strengths of the medication, with the most common one being Valium 5mg. Since it is a habit-forming drug, one should be very careful in taking this drug. The doctor would prescribe you the suitable dose of Diazepam and he could change the dosage strength of this medication at any time depends on the acceptance of the pill by your immune system. Take the recommended dosage strength and follow the directions of taking this pill given by your healthcare professionals.

Valium Side Effects

The more dependent, adverse the side effects are. Both psychological and physiological effects are equal to consumers.

Sometimes the Valium side effects may also include

  • fever,
  • heart palpitations,
  • stomach cramps and more.

The serious side effects of withdrawing may include

  • hallucinations,
  • difficulty in breathing,
  • memory loss.

Importantly, the users do not realize that they are dependent on the drug.

Withdrawal and Detoxification

Lowering the dosage or stopping the dose may lead to few complications and uncomfortable withdrawal situations initially.

Lowering the level of this medication leads to

Initial withdrawal changes include

  • personality changes,
  • hypersensitivity,
  • panic attacks,
  • headaches.

The patient must seek the doctor’s advice. Psychological treatments should also be provided to the patient apart from treating the physiological.

Valium Addiction

Each and every individual who is suffering from Valium dependency should be provided a variety of treatments as a successful treatment for one person may not work for another. So handling various types of treatment is best advised.

Usually, the patients are taken to the rehabilitation centers, provided counseling and therapies. The rehabilitation centers address all physical and psychological withdrawal effects. Apart from treating them, wellness programs are also provided to them, to be not on the addictive path again.

Choosing between Generic Valium and Brand

If you plan to purchase the Valium medication, you can find a lot of Diazepam and a brand. Know the difference between them before choosing to place your order.

Generic Valium Vs. Branded counterpart

Factors Valium Brand Generic Valium
Origin The Valium brand is the first one to enter the market with diazepam and protected the product with a patent. When the patent got expired, a lot of other low price brands started to flood the market.
Price The process involved in manufacturing the Valium brand pill is very slow and expensive, which makes the pill costlier too. The generics are used by a lot of people than the brand. One can save from 15 % to 90% by obtaining generic version instead of the brand ones.
Quality The main reason that puts branded on top is the quality factor. They are tested for the side effects, drug interaction, and effectiveness. The generic pills use the approved manufacturing process and the same active component in the brand pills.
Effectiveness There are a lot of studies to prove that the branded is more effective than the generic. This is, as a matter of fact, individual oriented. Some individuals do not find any difference in using generics and brand, so would feel better using the generic version.

Overall, the chemical composition and the purpose of both, the generic Valium and the branded counterpart are the same and thus, if you want to save a few dollars, you can very well stick to the generics than the branded ones.

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