Are You Suffering From Anxiety? – My Personal Experience

I was suffering anxiety and due to this I was not able to concentrate on my work and was a poor performer at my workplace. I was prescribed with valium and I had to take the drug for more than 6 years. The longer I took the drug, I developed a tolerance for the drug and then I had to visit my doctor again for a checkup. Sometimes I used to buy valium online without a prescription and I started to buy various doses without the consent of the doctor. I guess that would be the problem for my side effects and tolerance levels.

As I had this craving for taking the drug more and more, I made sure that I do not lower or increase the dose by myself and got an appointment for my health care professional. I clearly explained to me how I somehow I managed to buy the drug online without a prescription. After getting to know the dose I was taking, he was taken back, as I was taking 4 times extra dose than he prescribed. After running through few tests, he said things can be straightened. He again prescribed me to buy diazepam online but in lower dose and he explained that stopping the drug abruptly may lead to unnecessary complications and withdrawal symptoms.